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Torrefaction of biomass

Biomass torrefaction

Clean Energy Revolution offers unique workshops on biomass torrefaction, a pre-treatment process which makes biomass more suitable for co-combustion in power generating units.

The basic range of CER workshops is given below:

Use of torrefied biomass
  • Torrefied biomass vs. coal
  • Basics of the torrefaction process
  • Combustion and co-combustion
  • Practical combustion tests in power plants
  • Market and the future of torrefaction
Torrefaction technology
  • Upon request we offer workshops on biomass torrefaction technology

Due to the significant difference in physicochemical properties of biomass and coal, co-combustion of certain types of biomass can lead to highly undesirable effects, such as: spontaneous combustion, clogging and malfunction of pulverisers, explosions of biomass dust, back burning, etc. These effects can cause severe damage and result in health and life threatening situations for employees.

For these reasons, it is becoming increasingly popular to use torrefied biomass for power generation. Torrefaction changes the physicochemical properties of biomass, making it similar to coal. Torrefied biomass is an alternative and fully renewable energy source.

Co-combustion of torrefied biomass with coal does not require any changes in the fuel preparation and combustion systems.