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Energy from biomass and waste

Energy from biomass and waste

Clean Energy Revolution takes part in many ventures involving preparation and introduction of technologies concerning biomass energy in Poland. Our knowledge comes from many years of involvement in biomass combustion, co-combustion and gasification projects, both as observers and active participants.

A choice of CER workshops on the topic of „Energy from biomass and waste”:

Energy from biomass
  • Market and legal situation
  • Characteristics of biomass
  • Available biomass technologies
  • Examples of “success stories”
  • Future technologies
Energy from waste
  • Market and legal situation
  • Characteristics of waste
  • Waste combustion
  • Examples of “success stories”
  • Alternative technologies and trends

From the beginnings of human civilisation, biomass has been used as an energy source. A real breakthrough was the use of fire and, as a consequence, controlled wood combustion that produced heat, necessary for living in severe climate conditions. Today, we are facing a similar breakthrough.

Thanks to advanced thermochemical biomass conversion processes, it is possible to produce electric power efficiently. It requires neither coal, nor other fossil fuels and does not produce toxic waste and remnants. With no emission* of carbon dioxide and methane, it does not contribute to climate changes.

First industrial installations using modern biomass gasification technologies are now in operation all over the world, also in Europe and in Poland. The efficiency of power and heat generation is constantly improving, making the plants highly attractive for investors.