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History and experience

Story of Clean Energy Revolution

The story of Clean Energy Revolution started long before the company was officially formed. The idea of “Revolution” arose from the need of obtaining deep understanding of the current trends in ecology and energy. We were keen to learn about them, select the most promising ones and translate them into the Polish industry.

In order to carry out effectively the mission of advising and training we waited with launching CER until we gained sufficient experience, knowledge, skills and a network of business and scientific contacts. We intend to use our knowledge of modern trends and energy technologies for the mutual benefit of our clients and the environment.

The founders of CER – Karol Bajer, Kamil Kwiatkowski and Marcin Szembek – have worked in research and development of industrial gasification technologies, low-emission syngas combustion and thermal conversion of biomass and waste, inter alia. Our testing ground was the Modern Technologies and Filtration (MTF) Company and its creative collaboration with the University of Warsaw. This cooperation has brought about tangible results, such as:

  • successfully completed VENTURES project,
  • currently on-going HI-TECH project,
  • currently on-going project under the NCBiR (The National Centre for Research and Development) Strategic Programme,
  • development of a clean combustion technology for hot and low-calorific gas (patent pending),
  • many minor projects and research, which deepened our knowledge and experience.

This unique combination of scientific knowledge and the ability to apply it into the industrial design practice makes Clean Energy Revolution suitable for modern business.