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Syngas purification and electricity generation

Oczyszczanie syngazu i produkcja prądu

Clean Energy Revolution offers workshops concerning use of syngas as a fuel for power generation, which is the most effective way of utilising this product. In our workshop, we present advantages, technologic barriers and perspectives of development of such solution. In further parts of the workshop, we address the question of syngas purification methods and technologies aiming at removal of tars.

Power generation based on syngas allows for attaining significantly greater efficiency in comparison to traditional steam turbines.

Our workshops concerning purification of syngas and syngas-based power generation are listed below:

Syngas purification
  • Contamination and pollutants in syngas
  • Means of removing tars from syngas
  • Means of removing ashes from syngas
  • Purification remnants
  • Available technologies
  • Perspectives
Electricity from syngas
  • Syngas as a fuel
  • State of development of the technology
  • Syngas-powered engine
  • Syngas-powered turbine
  • Closest future perspectives
Purification using plasma
  • Upon request we organise workshops on syngas purification with cold plasma

During a workshop we do not only present existing methods of syngas pre-treatment (e.g. purification), delivery and electricity generation, but also present the directions of development of this technology and solutions being currently in the research phase.