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Informational and promotional campaigns

Informational and promotional campaigns

Clean Energy Revolution, together with our partner – xoworks – offers running professional informational and promotional campaigns associated with biomass projects and thermal conversion of waste – from the initial stages of implementation to final stages of acquiring a building permit or modernization permit.

Our long-term cooperation with printing companies and internet website programmers together with our experience in working on energy projects allows for preparation of an integrated and complete informational-promotional campaign.

An informational-promotional campaign creates a market image of the company, including its most characteristic elements. Below we describe our offer in more detail, with division into particular media:


  • Preparation of a choice of logotypes
  • Preparation of a choice of design patterns


  • Preparation of a webpage according to chosen design patterns and logotype.
  • Administration of webpages (e.g. publication of information important for the Investor, results of research, environmental impact reports, live streaming of conferences, meetings, etc.)

Webpage hosting:

  • Adding links to the promotional webpage on the websites of cities, communities, units and companies involved in the project, and partners of the campaign
  • Preparation of profiles and informational-promotional actions in social media (including Facebook, Google+, private forum on the website)


  • Preparation of promotional materials  (including educational gadgets, leaflets, games for children, etc.)
  • Delivery of promotional materials, leaflets
  • Exposition of billboards, citylights, posters

Television and radio:

  • Preparation of  spots, promotional films (in cooperation with adequate CER partners)
  • Preparation of promotional materials (including educational gadgets, games for children, etc.)

Correspondence and mailing:

  • Preparation and mailing of materials by traditional post to a predefined group of recipients – invitations to informational meetings, conferences, visitations,  etc.
  • Informational mailing to recipients indicated by the customer or suggested by our specialists